5 Tips For Managing Your Personal Finances

5 Tips For Managing Your Personal Finances

When it comes to managing you personal finances you can never be too careful. Your money is your life and needs constant care and maintenance to keep your life running smoothly. Between earning money, paying bills, and spending on various things, it can be hard to keep up with where your money is going.  As the country continues to come back from 2008 economic crisis it is more important than ever to get a firm hold on your personal finances.

The following are 5 tips for managing your personal finances.

Save/Backup Bank Statements

Keeping track of every dollar that goes in and out of your bank account is extremely important. Be sure to electronically backup all of your bank statements for future reference. This includes backing up any financial information you may have on your personal computer for future reference. Many banking institutions are moving completely away from sending out paper bank statements and deal only with electronic bank statements.

Cancel Unneeded Charges/Debts

When reviewing your personal finances it is important to look for any recurring charges that you may not notice. These include subscriptions to magazines and websites you may no longer be using or interested in. Also look for any recurring charges on credit or debit cards. You may be surprised just how much money you are wasting each month on old and outdated subscriptions as well as frivolous recurring charges.

Review Any Investments

Make sure you review any investments you may have to make sure the investment is worth the money spent. This includes an in depth look at your stock and investment portfolios. If you are looking into making investments make sure you are prepared to lose whatever money you set aside for a particular investment. This will give you a good cushion should your investments not pan out for any reason.

Pay Bills Online

Since the advent of online banking millions of dollars have been saved by individuals and financial institutions due to cutting out the cost of sending bills through standard mail and reducing late fees by paying your bills online. If you don’t know how to set up an online banking account talk to your current banking institution to see how you can make the switch to online or electronic banking.

Consult A Finance Expert

Many people are afraid to admit they need help when it comes to managing their personal finances. A personal finance expert can help you keep track of your money and also help find a way to cut out unnecessary costs and charges. This can be helpful in helping you understand complicated financial lingo.

Taking care of your personal finances can be an arduous task, but doing so will lead you to the financial freedom you want. Checking the status of your personal finances every six month can help to keep everything in order and make sure your financial future is secure. When in doubt contacting your bank with any additional questions is also a good way to keep your money in order.

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  1. Dane Hinson

    One thing that I always advocate is reviewing investments. You don’t want to tinker with your investments or watch them day to day but it’s good to have a periodic review of your portfolio. Even if it’s a long term retirement account your target asset allocations can get out of whack over time.


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