Net Worth Update (-1.2%)

Click here to see my current net worth. The month of April ended down.  I honestly can’t pinpoint why it was down as the market was actually up for the month.  My investments just didn’t do as well as the market.  Overall, my net worth decreased by $22,396 since my last update early April.

The major drivers of the decrease were:

  • Not sure!  The market was up overall, but my investment account went down significantly.  I have to re-look at my investments to make sure that they are tracking the S&P…possibly rebalance.


  1. Ya, I’d be looking at where that decrease came from as well as it’s a hefty amount. I’m sure you’ll sort it all out. I’ll be posting our Net Worth update this coming week. :) Mr.CBB

  2. April could be a real turning point for me!

    My journey towards financial freedom has turned a significant corner – I’ve been made redundant!

    Next step – make Financial Freedom really work! I started the journey back in 2006 but I’m some way off my £4 million target and full retirement. My current net assets = £1,645,000.

    • In the UK Property prices keep rising which is fortunately helping my net asset growth – but I can’t see this lasting for ever. Bank of England gonna do something soon.

    • I believe the stock market is quite toppy and they always say “sell in May”, so I’ve moved my ISA investments from equities to commodities and cash. Could be a big mistake?

    • My day trading was looking good the last two weeks in April, but May to date has been a disaster! Need to do something drastically different here!

    • Savings in various cash UK ISA’s doing nothing as usual – savings interest rates 2%-3%. When are they going to raise them interest rates?

    But I’m enjoying myself! Sun is shining. Soccer world cup approaching…

    Onwards and upwards!


    • never time the markets. you have to be right twice each time….when you get out of the market and when you get back in….almost impossible to predict.

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