Net Worth Update (+2.6%)

Click here to see my current net worth. The month of May ended slightly up.  Overall, my net worth increased by $45,488 since my last update early May.

The major drivers of the increase were:

  • Broad stock market gains

I also was able to contribute a bit more to my wife’s SEP-IRA so that explains the jump in our investment accounts.


  1. Wonderful. I love it.

    Thanks for being so transparent with your finances. It is an inspiration.

    Carrie and I will be posting a 2nd quarter net worth update at the end of June.

    I can already tell you we had a huge jump forward this quarter and we are excited to share the results!


  2. Great to hear things are looking good for you for this month. Its reassuring to hear some positive news on the stock market front. Did your old stocks do better generally, or did you make some alterations that had an impact?

    • I made a few alterations and i think i may be back on track. stay tuned for an investment update…i just opened up an account with an online actively managed brokerage so we’ll see how that goes.

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