Net Worth Update (+2.7%) & Year-End Summary (+37%)

Click here to see my current net worth.  The month of November ended up again due to broader stock market gains.  Overall, my net worth increased by 44,2880 since my last update early December.

The major drivers of the increase were:

  • Investment gains in the broader market

For the year, our net worth increased by $452,785.  Most all gains were due to aggressively paying down debt and the stock market (S&P 500) increasing 29% for the year.

We’ve had some major expenditures this year including a new roof (~$11k), a pool irrigation project (~$4k), two vacations (~9k), landscaping project (~$7k), not to mention $50k in primary home mortgage payments, $50k in charitable contributions, and other expenses (i.e. child care, food, utilities, car).

For 2014, I don’t anticipate we’ll spend nearly as much.  With another baby on the way, we will not likely go on vacation.  Home maintenance should be minimal.  However, with the wife taking a few months off to take care of the new baby, we will be out of some income for those months (she’s a contractor so no benefits).

I realize this year was an anomaly, but hoping for 8-10% returns next year.  Barring a major downturn in the stock market, I think this can happen.

How was your 2013 related to your net worth?



  1. My wife and I will continue to pay off debt that we have accumulated over the last couple of years in 2014. I applaud you, gaining 37% of net worth in one year is beyond incredible. Hopefully, with some hard work paying off our debt. I will be able to see some of the same results that you have.

  2. My wife and I hit some major milestones. Paid off the mortgage and hit the $1M networth mark. We finished out the year at just under 35% net worth increase. Not too bad since I was unemployed 4 month this year. Our “plan” is to be able to retire in 15 years at the age of 50. 2013 was a great year and put us well ahead of schedule.

  3. Do you have an update for February 1st? I know with the markets going down, my networth went down last month. :(

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