Net Worth Update (+2.5%)

Click here to see my current net worth.  Overall, an increase in net worth of $34,841 since my last update early April.

The major drivers of the increase were:

  • Investment gains in the market (S&P again hit an all-time high)

Most of the increase this month can be attributed to stock market gains.  Liabilities continue to trend downwards while assets continue to climb.  As noted in a prior post, I will be shelling out close to $4,000 for pool repairs this month, though I’ve already paid a $2,000 deposit.  Additionally, we will be going on vacation this month which may run us close to $3,000 for hotel, airfare, and other incidentals.  I’ll write up a post about those expenses soon.

How did you do this month?


  1. Nice job. That’s a huge increase. You must be holding onto some pretty nice stocks :) or do you index? My net worth only went up by $5,200 in April. Have fun on your vacation.

  2. Being in the market during 2013 is the place to be and it may be that this trend may continue. Good work and enjoy your vacation.

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