Consider these features when negotiating a home

April 8, 2013

With the real estate market picking up in many cities across the country, there are many things to consider before buying a home. Many are obvious, like the selling price of similar homes in the area, the age of the home, and other amenities. However, there are other more subtle considerations that can affect the selling price of […]

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I’m Not Loyal When It Comes to Landscapers

April 4, 2013

I moved to New Jersey in 2009 and I’m on my third landscaper. Yes, I know…boo hoo…1% problems. Anyway, I use a landscaper to cut my lawn, trim, fertilize, and a spring clean up. The variability in the quality of work between all 3 landscapers is minimal. They all use the same riding mowers, electric […]

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Net Worth Update (+3.3%)

April 1, 2013

Click here to see my current net worth.  Overall, an increase in net worth of $43,616 since my last update early March. The major drivers of the increase were: Investment gains in the market (S&P hit an all-time high) Most of the increase this month can be attributed to stock market gains.  Actually, our net worth would’ve been […]

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Compound Interest Made Us Millionaires

March 20, 2013

I recently had a discussion with a coworker about saving and retirement planning. She is a 32-year-old single female. She does well for herself, drives a Mercedes-Benz, and owns several Louis Vuitton bags. As we continued our discussion on the retirement benefits offered by our company, I asked her how much she sets aside in her 401(k) as […]

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Check All Statements Regularly

March 18, 2013

I was recently perusing my Fidelity account which links and captures all transactions for all of my bank accounts, mortgages, loans, and credit cards.  As I was reviewing my credit card transaction, I noticed a charge of $299 from a home security company based out of Nashville, TN.  There was also a pending charge of […]

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How to Plan Your Daughter’s Wedding without Getting into Debt

March 7, 2013

The following is a guest post by Elain McPartland.  Elaine McPartland is associated with “Consolidated Credit” as their community writer. She has an expertise in writing articles related to debt consolidation and how to pay off debts easily and smoothly. You can add her at her google+ profile.  Most parents dream about their daughter’s wedding and […]

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What Makes You A Good Candidate for a Low Interest Personal Loan?

March 5, 2013

The following is a guest post from Dona Collins. Dona Collins is a personal finance specialist and writer with a passion for helping other succeed financially. Many people qualify for a personal loan, but those that qualify for a low interest personal loan are harder to find. By nature, unsecured personal loans tend to come […]

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Net Worth Update (+4.3%)

March 1, 2013

Click here to see my current net worth.  Overall, an increase in net worth of $55,814 since my last update early February. The major drivers of the increase were: Investment gains in the market. Bonuses were paid out Lump sum payment towards rental property mortgage Lump sum employer contribution to my 401k Tax Refund So every […]

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Ask The Readers: Public or Private School

February 27, 2013

Our oldest son is turning 4 in about 1 months and we’re starting to think about his school.  Basically, it boils down to 2 options….public or private school.  But how do you determine what is best?  How do you even define “best”?  Does class size matter?  Does the number of computers matter?  Does cost per […]

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My Thoughts on the Redistribution of Wealth in America

February 21, 2013

Redistribution of wealth is already occurring in the US and it has not worked.  It has never worked for any sovereign country at any time in human history and it’s not working now.  There is no Nirvana. There is no Utopia.  There never has been and there never will be.  However, free markets and free […]

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