How To Plan Your Daughter’s Wedding Without Getting Into Debt

How To Plan Your Daughter's Wedding Without Getting Into Debt

Most parents dream about their daughter’s wedding and have great plans for it. Of course, all parents wish for the best guy for their daughter, but there are also other things associated with the wedding day that they know are important. The perfect music, perfect dress, perfect ring, perfect everything!

All is well until the day actually comes and parents have to face the reality. With growing expenses, it isn’t easy for parents to arrange dream weddings for their daughters unless their last names are Winfrey, Trump or Hilton. In fact, many parents are in great risk of going into debt even if they try to cross a single line beyond their budget.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t arrange a great wedding for your daughter filled with lots of memories. For this, you need to know the right areas where cutting costs will save you from going into debt.

The Wedding Dress

According to Brides magazine, an average couple spends $26,989 on their wedding, while many even go beyond that. One of the biggest areas of expense when it comes to the wedding is the wedding dress. However, your daughter can choose to wear a used dress, worn by her mother or grandmother. Daughters have emotional attachment with such things and convincing them to keep with tradition will not be a very difficult task.

Wedding Flowers

This is comparatively an easier area to bring down your cost! You may want the most beautiful bouquet for your daughter, but spending a fortune isn’t wise. Get a bundle arranged with flowers available in that particular season, cut freshly. Add leaves and wild flowers to give the overall bouquet an amazing look.

As far as flower bouquets for bridesmaids are considered, holding a single flower will not reduce the charm. Try it out yourself.


Designing invitations for your daughter’s wedding isn’t a big or expensive issue anymore. With all the technological opportunities around you, design and print a personalized invitation with minimal cost attached. You can give the theme of the wedding and personalize them as you like. These ideas can turn out to be really incredible – maybe even better than professionals.

Photos and Videos

It could be challenging to find a top-notch and reliable photographer to take care of the videos and photos of the wedding at an affordable price. This requires both time for research and effort, but if you end up finding the right person, your efforts will be worth it.

Photos and videos are a very personal thing as they hold all the memories of your daughter’s wedding. While this is an area where splurging a bit will be fair, but going overboard and spending on your daughter’s wedding to the last dime isn’t a wise decision. Save money where you can, whenever you can.

Going overboard will increase your debt obligations and will only make things worse for you in the long run.


Remember, it’s a reception and not all-you-can-eat festival! While many people don’t realize, this is one of the easiest areas to cut cost. The food choice makes a huge difference to the overall cost of the wedding. You can arrange a nice buffet style food area, with a taco bar and encourage your family members to cook for your daughter’s big day. Hopefully, this is something that family members would love to do for the bride.


Other areas where you are likely to spend great chunks of money include the wedding cake, favors and of course the ring. While there are ways to cut costs in these areas too, they are not completely avoidable. Many parents are not in a state of arranging a grand wedding for their daughter, but many of them fail to hold an average wedding too. And all they are left with is huge debt obligations.

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  1. KK @ Student Debt Survivor

    27k on a wedding. Wow! I’m not married, but when we do get married I’d never spend close to that amount. Even if I had the money sitting around, I’d much rather invest it or spend it on something else. I don’t need the fancy dress or venue. I’d be happy with a big reception with lots of food and drink for my friends and family.

  2. Shape

    So, my wedding was catered and had a live band at a private venue. I had a custom tailored suit and my wife’s dress was also made for her. We also had to rent several large outdoor tents, decorations, dance floor, stage, flowers, custom center pieces, etc. and we were way under $27,000. What are people buying to make their wedding’s so much money?

    1. iam1percent

      All costs for my wedding was close to $60,000. About $45,000 of that was catering costs as we had about 450 attendees. The rest were flowers, photographer, videographer, limos, tuxes, wedding dress, wedding bands, church rental, DJ, and gratuities.

      1. Shape

        One of our big savings was decorations. It’s amazing what college art students can do, and they want the money and practice.

        1. Shape

          In fact, we continue this tradition. We have hired college students to make commissioned artwork for our home. It is unique, look better than mass produced art, and is cheaper!

  3. Steven J Fromm

    Yeh, this one really scares me. My daughter has so many friends and she wants a big wedding. It will be a struggle to rein in costs. Not looking forward to this battle.


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