The Best Investment You’ll Ever Make

The Best Investment You'll Ever MakeNote: This post was written in 2012 by the previous owner of this blog.

For those familiar with my blog, I don’t use nickel and dime techniques to build wealth. I try to look at the big picture and where my actions would have the most impact. Nothing can provide you with greater wealth than career advancement. I have applied myself on the job and have shown senior leadership that I am a diligent and hard working associate. I have taken advantages of key opportunities within my organization that has set me up for success.  I have also networked appropriately.

Here are some practical tips you can apply on the job today to boost your career potential:

Promote yourself

During performance reviews or when anyone would ask me what I want to do next, I had a clear and concise elevator pitch on my next move.   It wasn’t a specific role, but the path that I wanted to take.  When opportunities open up, people will think of you.

Network appropriately

I never understood the whole “networking” thing until it worked its magic in my career.  I always kept in touch with certain colleagues and they knew where I wanted to go.  As stated above, when they are aware of new opportunities, they will reach out to you.

Prove your worth

Work  hard on the job.  I come in early, make my presence known, and get things done.  I’m not a naysayer, but appropriately push-back.  This way, when performance review time comes, you can clearly articulate what you’ve done and possibly negotiate a raise.

ABL (Always be looking)

Never be content in your job.  Always have a pulse of what the industry and market have to offer in terms of job opportunities and salary.  Pay attention as this will help in the negotiation of future salary increases.

Dress for the job you want, not the job you have

If you’re coming into working looking like a schlub, no one will take you seriously.  A new, wrinkle-free shirt, is an a few.  Make sure your shoes are not worn.  Comb your hair…typical stuff.

Learn how to accept failure

Failure is part of life, and knowing how to accept it is the first step to success. But that doesn’t mean that you just welcome failure all the time. Don’t let the momentum of a certain situation carry you into a bad decision. Be prepared to make midcourse corrections even if that is disruptive and unpopular.

There are so many more, and I will touch upon them later, but I wanted to get something started.  Does anyone have any other helpful hints?  I’ll include them in a future post.

About The Author

Edwin is a marketer, social media influencer and head writer here at I Am 1 Percent. He manages a large network of high quality finance blogs and social media accounts. You can connect with him via email here.


  1. Jana @ Daily Money Shot

    Hehehe…you used the word “shlub”. I thought I was the only one who used that word!

    I fully believe you constantly need to be educating yourself. Whether it’s through skill building or reading industry magazines or networking, if you are increasing your knowlege, you’ll increase your marketability.

    1. iam1percent

      The word “schlub” just flowed as I was typing…I rarely use it in conversation. Yes, i agree. I subscribe to pharmaceutical trade magazines, and follow pharmaceutical blogs and twitter feeds. Makes me sound like I know what I’m taking about at work…lol!

  2. Savvy Scot

    I have a useful tip for making your presence known when you are in early/stay late/work from home; Send an email to your boss, copy him/her in; but do it at the extremity- i.e. Don’t mess about before you do it, send it first thing, or vice versa – if you are staying late, send it just before you leave. The timestamp says it all 🙂

    1. iam1percent

      Great tip! I’m guilty as charged 🙂

  3. Steveark

    That might be 2012 but the truths are enduring. I had a very successful career and if I summarized my best learnings as to what made me win, this post would be perfect! Definitely worth reprinting. The FIRE community is so focused on getting out of the rat race but it is a race and the faster you can run the less dreary the race is and the sooner you can quit running!


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