Weekly Roundup & Mentions #5 – Road to 1 Percent

Welcome to my fourth weekly roundup of intriguing and though provoking posts from my fellow personal finance bloggers.  My criteria for selection is simple…I select posts that I would have written or are aligned with the mission of becoming a 1 percenter.  So without further ado, here are my top post selections from around the blogosphere!  Enjoy!

Why Aren’t Mortgage Points More Popular? by Money Mamba – great analysis on the pros and cons of mortgage points.  I paid points on my mortgage to get a lower rate. 

Groupon, April fools gone bad? by This That And The MBA – its sad to see what’s happening with Groupon.  I use it, and like it a lot, but the business model can be easily replicated and it has been replicated.  Add to that an SEC probe, and its not good news for the one time wall street darling. 

What is Obama Care and How Does it Affect Us? by One Cent at a Time – it may be no secret that I am not a fan of Obamacare, but a very good analysis of the legislation and a much more lively debate in the comments!  Have a look and chime in with your thoughts!

5 Big Money Mistakes of Wealthy People by Finance Wand – I am guilty of some of these mistakes, particulary #3 and #5.  If you want to find out more, head on over!

Investing 101: A Magic Concept That Grows Money by RamblingFever Money – great post on the beauty of compound interest.  I have described how this concept alone has far outweighed any other strategy on my road to the 1 percent.  Young or old, head over there and begin compounding your interest!

Thanks to the sites below for the mentions!

Cult of Money

Live Well Simply

Canadian Personal Finance Blog

My Canadian Finances


  1. Thanks a ton for the mention and link! I’m glad we have like minds. Can’t wait until we have like bank accounts! I’m well on my way, just taking a bit longer. Really enjoying the progress of your blog. Great job here!

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