4 Ways To Indirectly Make Money With Your Blog

4 Ways To Indirectly Make Money With Your Blog

Blogging offers many options for direct income, such as text and banner ads. But whether you’re an established blogger or just starting out, you have a host of other options to indirectly earn money through a blog.

Here are four ways you can use your blog to make some additional income:

1. Become A Freelance Writer

Everyone wants to become a freelancer these days, but you can actually do it if you have a blog. Your blog is your resume. It’s your place to showcase your writing talent.

Rather than waste your time earning $5 per article at Fiverr, become a freelance writer for print magazines. If you’re having trouble finding freelance writing opportunities, contact small niche magazines across the nation and offer them your services. Many of these magazines accept freelance pieces and can you pay roughly $25 per article.

Best of all, since these are local publications, they don’t ask for exclusive rights. There’s also no problems with duplicate content, since they’re not online. Therefore, hypothetically, you could spend a few hours on a single article, then pitch it to 20 different small publications. If even ten of those choose to run it, you could make $250 off one article – a few hours’ work. That’s certainly nothing to sneeze at!

As an added bonus, small publications will often allow you to include a bio with a link to your site. You might not get a lot of traffic from it, but it will likely send at least a few new visitors to your blog.

2. Teach An Online Class

If you have an area of expertise or if your readership comes to you with frequent questions, you can try to turn those into a marketable online class. With just a few simple tools, you can create a video or audio course online and use your blog to promote the course.

You will need to offer the course at an inexpensive price the first time around, since you will still be learning the ropes and you do not want people to feel cheated. Once you improve the material and receive positive feedback, you can increase the price. On your sales page, make sure to include testimonials from those who have gone through the class and found success.

Ask other bloggers to promote your class, whether on their own or by allowing you to write a guest post for them on a topic relevant to both their blog and your class so you can link back to the course. At the end of a guest post, use your bio to promote the class, also.

3. Offer Consulting Services

Companies are taking notice of bloggers; they realize that we’re much more adept at content marketing and social media than they are. They need to know how they too can grow their business through blogging and social media. As a result, numerous companies will pay bloggers for consultation—or even to take over their social media presence for them.

Consulting services pay well—often upwards of $50 or more per hour. Such jobs are difficult to land, since they are usually the result of networking and pre-established relationships. Still, you can find companies in need of help.

4. Write An Ebook

Many bloggers have left one of their best sources of passive income untapped: selling ebooks. You write all the time, so why not turn your content into a book?

You have the tremendous potential to earn a few hundred (or even a few thousand!) dollars each year by selling ebooks. All you need is a niche market, some effort put into promotion, and an understanding of your audience.

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