5 Financial Apps You’ll Love

5 Financial Apps You'll Love

Think hard before you answer this question… Can you imagine life without your smartphone? Can you even remember how you kept an appointment, organized your bank transfers, listened to music, or updated your Facebook status before you had access to this clever little gadget? If you’re like 64% of Americans who now own one, the chances are, probably not.

We rely on smartphones for just about everything, from finding recipes and reading books, to sharing videos and recording music. But smartphones are about so much more than just entertainment and organizing our social calendars. Smartphones are an excellent way to keep track of your money via personal finance best practices. Check out this list of five financial apps you’ll love:

  1. Mint

It wouldn’t be fair to describe Mint as just a feature-packed and well-rounded financial application – it’s so much more than that. When it comes to tracking your budget, Mint beats most of the other apps hands-down and is designed to make automatic updates to your transactions and spending without having to request them. This nifty little app connects directly to your bank account through its secure online server and keeps track of your expenditures, categorizing the transactions made and providing you with a summary of your financial habits. You can also set it to alert you when any of your bills are close to being due, so that you never have to miss a payment.

  1. Saved Plus

For many people, spending money is easy; saving their hard-earned cash is what poses the real issue. Saved Plus can help turn things around for you. Once you connect it to your bank account, this app will work to transfer set percentages of your income into your savings account. For instance, if you set your saving percentage at 10% and only want to spend $10, Saved Plus will automatically transfer $1 into your savings accounts. Pretty neat, hey?

  1. PayPal

We’ve all heard of PayPal, and for PayPal users, this is a no-brainer. The PayPal app allows you to view your balance and transactions, send and receive funds, and even pay for certain services depending on where you are. It’s easy to use and currently the safest method of carrying out online transactions.

  1. Dollarbird

In addition to being simple, bright and chic, Dollarbird is one of the best ways to track your earnings and expenditure. This application lets you view all your transactions by date, making them easier to track. You can also manipulate the information easily with graphs and charts to help. It provides you with the option of setting up payment reminders and recurring transactions, as well as a 5 year projection plan for your personal finances.

  1. Level Money

This is probably the simplest finance app listed here, as it provides you with clear, understandable overviews at a single glance. Level Money makes your recent transactions available and offers additional perks, including predictions on your anticipated savings and clear breakdowns of your current financial status.

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