5 Leadership Skills That Will Help You Stand Out At Work

5 Leadership Skills That Will Help You Stand Out At Work

We all want recognition for our contributions at work.

And for this to happen, we need to stand out in some way for others to take notice.

If you want to make a strong impression in a leadership position, then you need to focus on developing qualities that surpass average expectations. By using the right strategies, you can effectively stand out from ordinary managers in less time than you might think.

The following article examines five key strategies you can use to achieve your leadership goals.

Honor Your Commitments

This may be one of the most important skills to develop if you want to stand out as a leader at your company.

Keeping your word and committing yourself to the goals that you set is not something that everyone can do. But when you lead by example and do what you say you are going to do you will build trust with your team and demonstrate your ability to follow through on commitments.

By making a habit out of this, you will better learn how to manage your time and have a greater understanding of your limits and ability to carry out promises. Rather than committing yourself to too many things, you will begin to set appropriate boundaries and schedule your time in a way that allows for optimal productivity.

Admit to Your Failures

All of us will fail at some point in our careers – we just cross our fingers and hope that the mistake is not too devastating.

And this doesn’t even take into account the day-to-day failures on small projects and goals.

The first step is to admit to your failures – and more importantly — learn from them for the future. If you are not failing at anything then you are not taking enough risk and that is a sure way to forever disappear into the background. While you certainly don’t want to overdo it, it is essential to stretch yourself and jump into unfamiliar territory on occasion to find new opportunities.

The most memorable leaders are not afraid of failure. They view it as a learning experience and move on to bigger and better things after they pick up the pieces.

Keep It Authentic

Authentic leaders are easier to relate to and are often the ones we remember the best.

They value the gift of individuality and are more apt at identifying the unique skills that their team members possess. This makes it possible to assign them to the roles that give them the opportunity to express those skills, which is a benefit to both the team members and the company.

These leaders aren’t interested in power trips and games; they are clear about their intentions and expectations and appreciate it when their team reciprocates this openness. Rather than wasting time and energy trying to fake their way through the job, they know that leaders come in a wide range of forms and they use their unique experience and abilities to excel.

Remember the Present

This skill may not seem significant but it can make a big difference.

If you can focus on being present with your employees during meetings, events or even just in passing conversations then you can expect much higher levels of engagement from them. Relationships are key to leadership success and this strategy alone can play a large part in developing them.

Another advantage of learning to stay present is the enhanced ability to pick up on subtle cues and increased retention. When you notice, and remember the small things it can make you stand out among your colleagues.

Help Others Stand Out

This might seem counterintuitive, but it’s a very effective way to make a good impression.

When you take the time to acknowledge others who put in the extra effort and help your employees get the recognition they deserve it can be rewarding for both your employee and yourself. Making it a habit to comment on others successes and innovations can turn your focus outward and give you the chance to improve workplace relationships. Recognizing the contributions made by others not only makes employees feel valued but also serves to create a positive impression of yourself.

Leadership is all about the people you work with and the leaders who understand this will always stand out above the rest.

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