5 Time Saving Tools For Your Business

5 Time Saving Tools For Your Business

Running a business entails wearing several hats and occasions may come up when you wish you had some extra sets of hands to assist you. In the dynamic environment of today’s business, there is always something that demands your attention and time. And as you go along, you must master the ropes of the various business aspects.

Luckily, nowadays, through business tools and online apps, it is possible to run your business on more efficient lines. At times, all you need is to have the appropriate set of business tools in your toolkit.

Below are 5 useful tools that an entrepreneur may find handy in managing business.


In case your business is being affected by poor reviews, or you simply desire to push up the Google positive results and de-prioritize the irrelevant or negative ones, BrandYourself is the tool to help. This app provides a free service designed to assist you in boosting even three links. The paid version allows you to boost some more profiles and pages in sites like FourSquare, Flickr, Pinterest and WordPress.

Google My Business

For a business owner who desires to increase your visibility in various Google platforms such as Google Maps, Google+ and search, this is a good site for accessing all of your business applications in a single location. In particular, this is important when you want to rectify any inaccurate or misleading information about phone number, address, phone, website URL, etc.

Google My Business in addition makes it possible for you to share information via Google+, check Google reviews and also look at Google analytics. This tool even allows you to gain useful insights on your visibility, site engagement and your audience. This app is also free.


The Reputology tool assists in terms of monitoring the incoming reviews. This helps in building brand loyalty by responding in a timely manner to both positive and negative reviews. It also cuts down on your response times on various sites.


Connecting with the right kind of people can bring a real difference in the ROI of your business. However, to build such connections and form lasting relationships may take some time. Although Reachable is not going to instantly turn your ongoing connections building process into an overnight success, it will point you towards the right direction.

Through linking into the social networks you are running, Reachable assists you to gauge the separation degrees that exist between your business and a specific influencer you desire to connect with. It aids to chart the path so that it becomes possible to leverage group and personal connections for those particular introductions you want.

Rival IQ

In terms of competitor and market analysis of web content, social media and SEO keywords your business need not search further than this tool. The market “landscape” of Rival IQ is made up of a collection of companies you can track to give you a competitive or comparative analysis.

With this tool, it is possible to review changes happening on your competitors’ social profiles and websites too. You have the option of adding more companies to form part of your competitors for a more comprehensive comparative landscape.

You also have options of generating deep-analysis reports for several social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. From Twitter, you could identify the influencers who are chatting about your business as well as your competition, and then follow such key mentioners directly from the Rival IQ tool.


It cannot be denied that business owners get stretched for time – time needed to run a successful venture. Each day, new tools are being developed to make work easier. Even though such tools may not assist you in turning back time, or slowing it down, they can assist in helping you manage what is available more efficiently.

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