6 Great Ideas On How To Garden On A Budget

People usually go into gardening for two reasons, they either like it or want to have their own food to control expenses and what they eat. Whichever the reason may be for you, it won’t heart to do it on a smaller budget. As with everything else, it takes creativity to come up with ways to save. I’ll help you out with some.

Have a strategy

If you plan everything ahead of time, you will decrease a chance of any surprises along the way and thus you will have no expenses for damage control. Write up a list of everything you need and the plants you will grow. Try to fit as many seasonal vegetables in your garden. Have those that offer more than one yield per season. If you are planting those with a single yield, plan the timing so you can plant something else in the place of that one and get another yield. Keep your eye out on discounts and seasonal sales.

Start from scratch

Choose to plant your annual plants from seeds rather than seedlings. It takes a bit more effort and care but it is easily doable. Once the season ends you can save the seeds from your plants for the next season. You can widen your knowledge online and learn how to do a couple of things yourself. When growing perennials you can grow them from cuttings, stems etc. rather than buying saplings.

Save on compost and mulch

Start your own compost bin and create compost out of dead leaves and plants that you collect, also use any organic waste you may have in your household and add it in. This will give you a free of charge first class soil for your plants. You can use the dead leaves, pine needles, bark you collect in your garden or around your neighborhood to make mulch, and thus save as well. You can check whether there is a community compost project in your area and get compost from them, some even offer it for free!

Go for organic fertilizers and pesticides

Everything you’ve so far created in your garden is homemade and organic. Keep it the same way and choose to make your own fertilizers and pesticides. Plant legumes and you will have soil rich in nitrogen for the next generation of plants in your garden. There are a lot of things you can use to create rich soil for your plants such as bananas, coffee grounds etc. Have a quick look online and you will come across a long list. The same goes for pesticides, you can make them out of salt, lemon, and various other things. This way you will avoid poisoning your plants and soil with various toxins, and will ensure to get healthy fruit.

Save on tools

Start off small and buy only what you need. Build a little shed or use an old cupboard to keep your tools clear of sight. You will need basic gardening tools. Again, if you look at the first bit of advice, watch out for sales, look in big department stores as they can afford better deals, Hoselink for hose reels, connectors, and other watering equipment. Some of these you can even make yourself as you go and realize that perhaps you need something more specific. Having tools custom made may not be an option or it could cost more, instead of that, just have a quick look around, adapt and find a new use for your otherwise useless belongings.

Don’t throw anything away

Again, apart from compost, mulch, fertilizers, and pesticides, there are other things you can make yourself out of what you have lying around. Use it for pots and vegetable beds, different stands and rests. You can also use it to create garden art in case you have some extra time and feel particularly creative.

Gardening takes time and gardening on a budget takes even more. On the other hand, gardening on a budget, where you get to be both a gardener and a craftsman is more enjoyable and will help you relax mentally if not physically. Another reward will be eating healthy. Your body will know how to thank you.

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