6 Ideas On How To Increase The Value Of Your Home

6 Ideas On How To Increase The Value Of Your Home

We all tend to estimate the value of our homes a little bit higher than we can actually get for it. We may be adding up years of investments as well as the emotional value, but that is worth nothing on the market. Have a look at some of the things you can cover prior to selling the house and potentially get to the price you think it deserves.

Make it a fair sight

Let’s imagine we are stood in front of your house. Are you happy with what you see? Now, go around and to the back and tell me what you think about that. Make sure your lawn is mowed and the trees and the bushes trimmed. You should have gutters and the exterior of your house cleaned. What about your backyard? It might not be too late to make a little patio and a place to relax as I am sure that every potential buyer would enjoy having that.

Make a good impression from the first step

Let’s walk inside. I am sure you have a list of things that need to be done somewhere in your mind. Put it to action. Have the walls painted and everything deep cleaned. Replace carpets with new ones, or if you are willing to invest a little extra, add flour boards or tiles. If you already have them, make sure they are cleaned and freshly painted as well. Replace the broken light bulbs as lighting is crucial. Wash the curtains or even buy new ones. Washing curtains will make your entire house smell of fresh linen.

Make more space

It is not always easy to build an extension or take walls down. Also, you do not know the size of the house your potential buyers will be after. Have a look at your loft.  Redecorate it and make it into living space. If nothing else, it won’t hurt to have it cleaned. If the buyers need an extra room they can use it as a bedroom, if not they can still use it as a play room or storage space.

Adapt your kitchen

For some reason, everyone likes kitchens with a lot of worktops and a lot of light. If you think your kitchen does not get enough natural light, add in some light. You can change, freshen up the tiles, get new elements and appliances. Make sure it still fits the style of the house and that it has a lot of cupboard space.

Add in a Bathroom

Having an extra bathroom is always seen as a perk. If adding another one is not an option, at least redecorate what you already have. To me, cleanliness of a bathroom mirrors the entire house and we know that an old bathroom can never look spotless. If you have a chance, go for a modern, stylish bathroom and that would definitely add value and stick in the minds of your potential buyers.

Make your house energy efficient

With the invention of new materials, a requirement for energy efficient homes is gradually growing. This is an investment which will return both to you and the people who move in after you. You will save up on your bills while you’re still in the house and raise the value of the home significantly. Windows and insulation are a place to start. You can even add a conservatory and make it out of energy efficient window panels. If you get too much sunlight, you can apply window tinting on some of them and still have a pleasant area to sit in. This will help you heat up and cool off the space quicker.

Have a look at the present offer in your area and speak to your agent to see what it is the people are after. The fashion changes and what you now have colored peach color, people may prefer gray. Don’t be afraid to invest a bit prior to selling as you will get it back through an increase in the price and it may give you an advantage over other properties so you may even sell faster than you were hoping. Who knows, maybe after everything you do, you decide that there’s no place like home and decide to keep it.

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  1. MrMoneyBanks

    Interestingly I think that the outside of your house sets such an important first impression. I think it’s hard to put the value on the increase in potential worth of your house. However, I think it makes it more likely that a buyer comes into the house with the right mindset


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