7 Things Rich People Do Differently

7 Things Rich People Do Differently

Lets face it, rich and happy is the perfect combination for most of us. So, how do you go about getting that? Well, it turns out that rich and happy people do a few things differently than the rest of us. Maybe by imitating those practices you can also find the wealth and happiness you desire.

Read on for 7 things rich people do differently than everyone else.

They Put A High Value On Their Education

Many of the most famous people have made it a life-long mission to learn. That doesn’t mean they’ve necessarily gotten multiple degrees, but they have made it a point to become highly educated and to never stop learning.

They Give To Charities And Their Community

It’s not all about the tax write-off. Rich people give away a lot of money. This not only does good for the groups they are donating to, it also makes them feel happy in a way other acts of kindness can’t match.

They Do Meaningful Work

Most successful and happy individuals do work or make products that make a difference in the world. Look at Barbara Walters – she opened up doors for thousands of female journalists including Oprah Winfrey. She had a passion for her job and helped people along the way. Her passion helped her find fulfillment while doing a job that made a difference in the world.

They Know When It’s Time To Move On And Do Something Else

Oprah was a successful talk show host for 25 years, but when things started to get stale, she decided to pack up shop and move on. She didn’t stop working altogether, but rather embarked on a new journey to create her own network. When there’s no more demand for your service or product it’s time to change directions.

They Don’t Let Other People’s Opinions Influence Them

Not caring about yourself and not caring what others think of you are two different things. Try to reach for the latter. That way you won’t let another person’s opinion of you keep you from reaching for your dreams.

They’r’e Not Afraid To Fail

There are numerous stories of actors, producers and technology geniuses failing at their first few attempts to sell themselves. That’s normal. Instead of wallowing in self-pity, take the rejection and turn it into something positive. Learn from mistakes and always try again.

They Work Really Hard

Sure, you may be good at your job, but are you the best? Whether you’re a basketball player or a burger flipper, being the best you can at your job is the surest way to reach success. The dedication and hard work will pay off in the long run.

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  1. Dane Hinson

    A common theme with many of these points is that wealthy people have 100% control of their life. Whether it’s managing their time, work or priorities they are fully accountable and aware of how they spend there resources whether financial or otherwise.

  2. Todd at Invested Wallet

    All seven of these are important for sure. I particularly think #1, #4, #5, #7 are the strongest of the bunch. At the end of the day though, hard work typically places the biggest factor and not letting people tell you that you’ll never make it. So many billionaires, artists, actors, etc. may never have made it had they given up or believe when others told them to quit.


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