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aboutHey this is Edwin of I Am 1 Percent. For some, money isn’t everything. Well, to me it is. I believe that money is a tool that is used to provide for our needs, our future, and all the fun stuff in between.

I have a goal – to make it into the 1% of income earners in America. If you share a similar goal, you’re going to want to follow this blog.

I have been making money online since I was a teenager way back in 1999. I made my first check with a pay-per-surf site (they paid $0.75 per hour to surf with a banner ad on your screen). Then I moved onto promoting pay per click programs (earning $0.05 for every click I delivered to the sponsor). After that, I tried my hand at affiliate marketing by creating small websites that dominated Google rankings.

For the last 5 years I’ve turned my attention to blogging full time. This is what’s working and I see it continuing to work in the future as well. On this blog I’m planning to show you how I make good money blogging.

In the near future I’m planning to create a series where I detail my step by step plan to making money with blogs. The series will be free and go in-depth as I show you what to do and more importantly, what not to do. For now, I’ll only say that step 1 is to get your own domain name and get your new website hosted at BlueHost. I was able to negotiate a free domain name and a lower hosting rate for readers of I Am 1 Percent only if you use my link above.

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About The Author

Edwin is a marketer, social media influencer and head writer here at I Am 1 Percent. He manages a large network of high quality finance blogs and social media accounts. You can connect with him via email here.


  1. Investor Junkie

    Wow! What a refreshing blog. A blog that celebrates success and hard work. What a concept! Keep up the good work!

  2. Her Every Cent Counts

    I just stumbled onto your blog today. I agree w/ Investor Junkie — this blog is refreshing as it celebrates true financial savvy and pride in hard work. I’d love to be in the 1% but it probably won’t happen. That said, I’m working my way up as much as possible. Thanks for sharing!

    1. iam1percent

      Thanks for reading and being so engaging! Please subscribe so you don’t miss a post!

  3. Mochi & Macarons

    Finally, a new twist on PF blogging I’m actually interested in.

    My story growing up was I did NOT have PF-savvy parents, so I wasted a lot of time and money until I graduated college.

    1. iam1percent

      Thanks for visiting! Be sure to subsscribe so you get receive new updates/posts via e-mail!

  4. Tonus

    I just finished Steve Siebold’s “How Rich People Think.” Many of the comments I see on your blog serve as a stark reminder that the biggest difference between the 1% and the 99% has nothing to do with money. A poor mindset and defeatist thinking is what keeps most of us down.

  5. 20 Percent

    A very refreshing blog.

    I was rasied in a household where money was an evil thing never to be mentioned. I have spent most of my adult years in the 75% area and slowly (recently) worked my way up to the 20%. I am hoping to get to the 1% level before I die.

    Question: What determines whether someone is in the top 1% (or not).

    Question: Is there somewhere (or somehow) to calculate our percent level based on current net worth? For example, if my net worth is $500K, what percent level am I?

    Keep up the posts. You encourage others to strive to be better people.

  6. Miel

    While updating our net worth, I stumbled upon your blog in looking for drivers of wealth. We started blogging nearly seven years ago and are inching our way up to the Million mark for our net worth. Clearly there are similarities and differences between our stories, but it is great to have another blogger out there for inspiration!



  7. Ed

    I don’t want to get into USA bashing but I have worked with so many americans and this mindset is so much less prevalent elsewhere. I live in Sweden which has arguably the highest standard of living in the World – if you don’t count the Beverley hillbillies next door in Norway. The gap between high earners and low earners is much smaller here but there are people, for sure, who have big bucks. You just wouldn’t know it. You simply couldn’t tell. Its seen as a little socially vulgar to flaunt wealth and that is my problem with the USA, and this blog to a degree. If you have done well financially that is great. It must be great. I gave up a well paid job in IT because, for me, there is more to life than money. Most people, clearly, are in the 99%, and globally most westerners are in the top 10%. I think if we judge ourselves by our monetary value, and insist that others do the same, then it leads to a whole heap of dissatisfaction and misery on one side and the weight of envy on the other. It just seems wrong that people are being forced to think that their lives are in vein if they dont succeed in monetary terms. There are so many other ways to be satisfied and enriched.

  8. Wealth effect blogger

    Congratulations on crossing the $1 mil point. Keep up the great posts and looking forward to having you visit my blog. Take care and happy blogging

  9. Philip

    Great info you have there on finance and stuff. Have bookmarked.

  10. Free Money Minute

    Nice job over the last 5 years in particular! Glad to see you are not just frittering your income away on consumerism. I just arrived at your blog for the first time so I am not sure what you do. However, if you do not love your job or work for yourself, you have certainly put yourself in a position to do just that someday. Best wishes on continued success.


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