Career Seeking – Are You Prepared?

Are you unsure of which career path to follow?

Are you stuck in a rut and not sure which way to turn?

Are you in a job that makes you feel inadequate, undervalued, unappreciated?

Do you think you deserve more?

At some time in our lives we have all asked these questions.

You have to ask yourself some hard questions and be brutally honest with yourself (after all who are you trying to kid? No one but yourself).

First look at your CV, is it up to date? Are you selling yourself properly? Do you do any volunteer work or help other people in some way?  Employers like to see that sort of thing as it shows that you are not selfish and are prepared to help others. There are help sites on line to show you what should be in your CV and what not to put on, as well as how to format it so that it catches the eye of a prospective new employer – don’t make it too long!

Next look at your options. Is there something you are really passionate about that could be a new career?  Do you have the right qualifications? No? Don’t let that put you off, look into gaining those qualifications by either going to night school or distance learning, or do you know anyone that is already in the role that could help you get on the first rung of the ladder into the new life that you seek.  Don’t be impatient, if it takes a while don’t lose heart – Use the mantra “If it’s worth it I can work towards it and succeed!”

My children were always told “It doesn’t matter if you start your career in one direction and then decide to go down a different route – you are never too old to change direction”.

You could try going to a recruitment agency (or several) – ask friends who they have used and recommend, as there are some that are better than others, and a recommendation is always a good indicator.  Go onto the internet and search for jobs/careers, make sure that they are offering a decent wage – don’t sell yourself short. You know how much money you need to pay the bills and live.

You could consider going direct to a number of businesses within your desired field and asking for an interview. For example, if you are wanting to take on a job in construction, you could apply directly to such a company like here:

If you get an interview, make sure you are smartly dressed and at least 10 minutes early, and carry a copy of your CV with you.  Before the interview look up the company on the internet and remember a few facts that you might be able to use during the interview – it shows the interviewer that you are keen and are prepared to do your homework.

If you look online there are career/job roles but if you are asked to send money to “secure your place” NEVER EVER pay anyone for a job – it is a scam! However, you can find jobs online in a variety of areas, for example, you could try out binary option trading (which needs practice and knowledge), try here:

Unfortunately, age is a factor, if you are 50 or above, this is the hardest age group for people to change careers, often there is self – doubt as the “youngsters” seem so self-confident and feel that they would be intimidated by them.  Sometimes they feel that they don’t think that they could take instruction from the younger generation. This is a shame as it is a chance to learn new skills, meet new people and be able to pass on their own experiences to your new colleagues – experience that cannot be taught from a text book but from living.

There are now people who specialise in helping people to change careers.  Career consultants or careers advisors. They will ask you certain questions for example: Why do you want to change career? What are you interested in and what do you want to achieve? What skills do you have and are you prepared to be flexible and learn new skills?  Do you want to be able to use skills you already have? How much money do you need to make per month?

Do not give up hope.  There is lots of opportunities out there. Determination, optimism and tenacity are qualities you need to succeed.  Sometimes you have to compromise and take jobs that are not what you really want but will see you through by paying the bills maybe whilst you study.

Have a goal as to what and where you want to be in two, five or even ten years’ time, and keep aiming for it.

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