Declutter: Conquer Your Inner Hoarder

If you’re running out of room in your flat, find it difficult to find what you need when you need it, and are getting increasingly stressed out about this, it’s possible your inner hoarder has taken control.

You don’t need to panic! It’s not hard to tame this beast, and today we’re looking at a few ways you can reclaim a bit of space and tidiness for yourself.

Designate an Area

If you’re keen to keep mementos as you go through life, designate a particular area to keep them. Talk with the with rest of your household, whether those are 20-something flatmates or your partner and children. Find an area you can turn into a personal haven for your clutter, whether that’s a spare room, cupboard or even just a drawer.

However big it is, what this will force you to do is prioritise. You don’t have a whole house to fit everything into anymore, so you will be forced to look at every individual item, whether it’s a poster, an old guitar you’re definitely going to get around to learning or accessories from a cycling hobby that withered on the vine, and decide if you want them so much you’re going to make room in your dedicated haven, or if you can bear to part with them.

Another option, if you’ve got things you don’t want to get rid of permanently, but can’t keep around the house, is to put them into storage. London storage options are plentiful and reasonably priced, so can transfer unwanted clutter out of your house with the minimum fuss and expense.

Get into eBay

Or Amazon, or Schpock, or even car boot sales! Rather than simply throwing away your old treasures, try selling them on. Even if it’s only pennies, seeing a financial return on your decluttering project will be great motivation to keep up the momentum and see it through to the end.

Keep a track of how much you earn this way. Set yourself targets and use the money you’ve earned to reward yourself for a job well done. Just makes sure you’re not buying more stuff to replace what you’ve just got rid of. Focus on experiences, rather than something you’ll have to bring home. Go to the cinema or treat yourself to a meal out as positive reinforcement for taking the bull by the horns and triumphing over the hoarder within.

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