How to Get a Significant Raise at Work

Deep down, many professionals feel underpaid or undervalued at work. According to one survey, only about 20% of employees are happy with their current pay. Given that fact, it’s important to know how to achieve a meaningful raise from your employers –– without coming off as entitled or arrogant. Here, we’ll explain smart five steps you can take to get that raise you deserve once and for all:

Go Above and Beyond

There’s something to be said for an employee who performs adequately over a long period of time. After all, solid if unspectacular performance is commendable. However, if you’re looking to earn a significant pay bump quickly, you have to go above and beyond the call of duty. Volunteer to take on extra assignments, assist your coworkers with their projects, and look for new ways to help out around the office. Rather than waiting for your boss to give you more responsibilities, take them on yourself.

Head Back to School

Many professionals find career success by first furthering their education. Developing new skills, interacting with other professionals, and learning pertinent knowledge through higher education courses will increase your value to your company. Remember, professionals in virtually every field should consider this option. It doesn’t matter if you take a course to learn about sophisticated lab equipment like a 384 well plate or choose to study the latest marketing techniques, college classes have a lot to offer adults in the workforce.

Express Yourself

Have you ever had a great idea that you didn’t voice at a company meeting for one reason or another? If so, then you’re selling yourself short! Business owners respect employees who are willing to speak their mind and express genuine opinions. Plus, individuals who speak up more often simply get more attention than those who don’t.

Build Connections

The best professionals not only get along with their employers; they also boast a wide range of friends, associates, and business connections within their given field. While it’s obviously a good thing to have a strong relationship with your boss, making friends and networking effectively with other movers and shakers in your industry will provide you with more options should you decide to look for a higher paying job elsewhere.

Ask for It

Requesting a raise is something that many people find difficult. However, if you truly deserve it, then there’s nothing wrong with asking your boss for greater compensation. Remember, always be courteous and have a detailed set of reasons as to why you should be earning more. In addition, you should be prepared to compromise. Perhaps in lieu of a pay raise you can gain the option to purchase company stock; or, you may receive a portion of what you’re asking for now and the rest of it six months down the line. Negotiations like these can be tricky, so be prepared before you take this action!

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