Making Money With Day Trading in Free Chat Rooms

The job market can be a capricious and unforgiving place. There is no need to get to a place where you are undervalued, doing things you don’t want to do and losing sleep over your career path. Even if you are uninspired by a lenghty job search or a unsatisfying spot in a corporate behomnth, you can change your circumstances with day trading. Just find a room with some free chat about trading position, strategies and plans. Then you can get on your way to being educated in the day trading space.

The first strategy that you may come across when starting your day trading journey is gap and go trading. That entails finding gappers. What are gappers, you might ask? They are stocks that are trending up in the mornin, above their closing price the day before, because of pre-market trading. What you might not know, if you are a day trading novice, is that there are market makers and institutional investors that get to participate in trading before the opening bell for the rest of the investing public. There could be any number of things driving a gapper on a daily basis.

When you are searching for stocks that are perfect for these strategies in free chat rooms, you want to look for a relatively low float, a breaking news catalyst and a stock price that is trending 4% above the closing price the day before. As soon as the bell rings, you need to be on the first candle, buying the stock as soon as possible. What happens next is a bit complicated, but that is why you want to spend time with a day trading education site that will teach you to implement these stratagies fairly easily.

Low float stocks are great candidates because that means that there is a good chance that the entiretiy of these shares will be traded in one trading day. The float is the number of shares available to be traded throughout the day. Sometimes, these stocks can run 50 to 100% above their opening price in one day.

Finding time to learn in a free chat room is a great way to get exposed to these day trading strategies and terms. It takes time to learn the ropes and then even more time to get comfortable executing these plans. And make no mistake, you need a plan for every single trade that you make on the market. Day trading without a plan, just winging it, is a recipe for disaster.

The key is to find a site like Warrior Trading that will allow you to learn are your own pace and join a community of traders in a free chat room that will teach you things that you cannot learn in books or video classes. More than 90% of traders lose money. But those are the ones that do not educate themselves about risk management and day trading techiniqes before they put their money into the market. Those are the marks. Don’t be a mark. Get educated.

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