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Purchasing a brand new electronic device can be a very exciting experience. Experiencing new features, utilizing the devices on a daily basis and showing them off to friends make up a large amount of the appeal. One example in particular of this is with smartphone devices. Every year, smartphone companies release the newest iterations of their devices. The phones that they release are constantly evolving and changing in order to keep up with the competitive market. These devices present new features that make the older devices seem obsolete. These usually end up in a drawer somewhere to be forgotten about. However, there is a much better use for these old devices. An environmentally friendly choice that will pay off (literally) is to recycle your old phone for cash.

There are a number of different services that offer payment for recycling your mobile phone. One company for example is Compare and Recycle. This site is both easy to use and will offer you a great deal for your used phone by providing a list of sources that will buy back your phone. The process is simple: enter in whichever phone that you have, select it from the product page, and it will go through the services that will offer you the best price. For example, an unlocked working 256 GB iPhone 7 Plus can currently be sold for £391 from Mobile Cash Mate. However, this also depends on the condition of your device. A broken, T-Mobile 256 GB iPhone 7 Plus can only be sold for up to £85.50. There is also a 5-star rating scale for each of the services to indicate how reliable that they are. The payment method for these services is through bank transfer, cheque, or PayPal.

Another service similar to Compare and Recycle is Mazuma. However, the process for recycling your device is a bit different. The user starts out by entering the model or IMEI number of their device. The IMEI number is the 15 digit serial number usually printed on the back of the device, or on the SIM card. Many recycling sites use an inflated “up to” price in order to entice potential sellers, but Mazuma offers a fixed, up-front price. Mazuma also offers a section to purchase refurbished, unlocked devices. Purchasing a new unlocked device through Apple is incredibly expensive. A refurbished device is much more practical cost-wise, and you have the benefit of not being locked down to one particular provider.

musicMagpie is another resource to use when looking into sites for recycling your old mobile phone. Simply click the “Sell Tech” option and enter whatever device that you are using. The great thing about this site in particular is that it offers more than just services for selling your smartphone. CDs, DVDs, Games, Books, and various other tech devices can be sold as well, so you can make some extra money along with whatever money you make from your mobile device. CDs and DVDs have fallen behind in the times of streaming services such as Spotify and Netflix. While these can be considered keepsake products for the time being, they have begun to collect dust for many. This is the perfect opportunity to clear out some space by selling them back and start streaming them on services instead.

If you own an older device and would prefer a more “reliable” company to recycle your device to, Apple offers a recycling program. The program, “Apple Giveback”, is similar to other programs but instead of cash, they offer a gift card for use in the Apple Store. However, if they decide that the device is not suitable to be sold, they will recycle the device for free. This not just limited to smartphones either – they allow a number of different devices to be sold back.

Be sure to check them all out and see which service is best for you!

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