Why Your Business Needs A Mobile Point Of Sale System

Nowadays, consumers are demanding multiple purchase options. Consumers shop online and in stores, from their home computers and on their phones. There’s a wide variety of ways people shop, therefore, as a small business owner, you need to provide your customer with a variety of payment options as well. This doesn’t mean just accepting cash and credit cards, but they want mobile payment options as well.

Sure, the traditional point of sales system still have their place, however if you are truly serious about taking your small business to the next level, you really need a mobile point of sale system in place.

Not all businesses out there operate with a cashier standing in front of the cash register, scanning merchandise and then charging customers. There are some businesses that require a more mobile solution.

That’s where SumUp comes into play. If you want a mobile point of sale solution, consider using SumUp. By using the SumUp EMV card reader you can accept all of the popular credit cards such as Visa, AMEX, MasterCard, Discover and more. Additionally, you can also accept payments via Android Pay and Apple Pay too.

As a small business owner, you need to find a company that creates the most convenient and also the least expensive route between the credit card of your customer and your own bank account.

This means that you should be looking at a company that offers a few things, namely: low rates, few fees and no long term contracts. It is also important that the company offer customer service to quickly reply to any concerns you might have.

SumUp’s EMV card reader connects via Bluetooth directly to your Android or iOS device. You can accept payments all sorts of ways, whether it’s contact-less, chip and magstripe, it doesn’t matter. There are 0 fixed fees and only a small 2.75% transaction fee. The payments are deposited directly into your bank account. You can sign up online and get started in just 5 minutes with no additional paperwork required. How much simpler can it get?

Mobile point of sale systems (or mPOS for short) are an easy and quite affordable way for retailers to accept payments with smartphones or tablets. Now, you can turn your smart device into a way to quickly, efficiently, and safely charge customers right on the spot.

Something I’ve learned about customers is that they also like to take control. With mPOS, customers can use easy mobile devices to select their options (whether it’s a type, color, style or even to leave a tip) and pay for items they’re purchasing without any assistance from a sales associate.

When you’re using a mobile device to charge your customers, you easily eliminate the need for those old and clunky point of sales systems of yesteryear. There is no need for all the old check-out equipment that can be costly and requires some training of your employees to use.

Using a mobile point of sale systems improves the overall customer experience and has been shown to contribute to an increase in revenue. It will also make your business run faster and certainly gives it a good look, as you are embracing technology and the future.


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