Working on the Move with Unlimited Data Plans for iPad And Tablet

Data has become an integral part of the modern world’s social as well as work life. More iOS users are in need of unlimited mobile data plans that can keep them connected on the move. Previously, such deals have only been through phone packages. You had to a buy a specific phone from a particular vendor to get the data package you need. In addition to being tied down, the prices were not very friendly to money conscious iOS users.

Fortunately, numerous network vendors have launched SIM only deals for iPhone users. Unlike the phone contract, you only purchase the SIM with its unlimited data plus other talk time and text allowances. You can keep your phone or buy a SIM-free one. Again, these contracts are short term with monthly renewal. You choose to continue subscribing to a specific provider only because you are impressed by their deals.

According to Broadband Choices, there are about 190 SIM only deals in the market. However, there are only two unlimited mobile data SIM only iPhone deals which are truly unlimited. We look at these two deals and other great mobile data plans for your iPad or Tablet.

  1. Giffgaff Unlimited Data

Giffgaff unlimited data is a 1-month 4G contract that costs £20. With this plan, you can stream your favourite videos and sports. However, there are speed restrictions at some time of the day when the usage reaches 6GB. Nevertheless, it is still a great deal considering its unlimited texts and talk time allowance.

  1. 3 Mobile Unlimited Data

3 Mobile is considered the most reliable network in terms of SIM only data deals and roaming. It is the only carrier that offers a truly unlimited mobile data. It has no speed restrictions. The £34 one month contract also comes with unlimited minutes and texts. Three mobile also offers a £27 unlimited data plan. The deal has the standard unlimited texts allowance but only 200 minutes. Apart from these two unlimited data plans are a number of impressive deals for low-cost data.

As one of the main mobile network providers, 3 Mobile guarantees 99% coverage in most towns and cities in the UK. Additionally, three mobile users can use the allowances in 60 different locations worldwide.

  1. Virgin Media

Virgin Media SIM only iPhone deal is the best for you if you love sharing your life with friends and family on social media. It’s 12-months 4G contract provides a 20GB monthly data at the cost of £25. Other allowances include 5,000 minutes and unlimited texts.

Purchasing the plan give an unlimited free access to Whatsapp, Facebook, and Twitter. This means, you can take pictures and post them to let your friends know you are doing fine wherever you are. Additionally, you are rewarded with a free access to 25,000+ Wifi hotspots in the UK. Even more, you can use the allowances in 43 other destinations around the world.

  1. BT Mobile

It could have topped the list if it were available to all new users. It is one of the cheapest deals you will find in the market. Unfortunately, it is available only to the existing BT customers. BT SIM only plan provides 20GB monthly data on a 12 month 4G deal that costs £16 per month.

Other benefits include unlimited texts and minutes. The allowances can be used in 47 EU states at no extra cost. Customers also receive a free subscription to the BT Sports app and £5 monthly discounts on their phone contracts.

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